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Start Network Quarterly Learning Brief - Q4 (English)

Date added

21 January 2022


This quarterly learning brief (QLB) summarises some of Start Network’s key learning from the last quarter (Q4) of 2021. It completes the learning shared across the year and provided in Q1, Q2 and Q3.

Download Start Network Quarterly Learning Brief - Q4 (EN)

The learning brief looks at:


Two ways in which we can improve our evidence and learning: 1) considering what success is from a community perspective and 2) ways in which Start Network can become more agile.


Three things we should be considering in programming: 1) gender and other vulnerabilities in DRF and early action, 2) recovering costs more equitably, and 3) flexible budgets.


What two key stakeholder groups are telling us: 1) local partners perspectives in equitable partnerships, and 2) local members of Start Fund Bangladesh on how to ensure effective responses, shared learning and power shifts.


Two future areas we want to learn more about: 1) Why is organisational learning hard, 2) Hub learning as they transition to independent entities.

Download Start Network Quarterly Learning Brief - Q4 (EN)