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The Start Fund, Start Network and Localisation

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03 August 2017


Localisation is a foundational and non-negotiable principle within the Start Network. This report presents a ‘baseline assessment’ of where the Start Fund and three DEPP projects currently sits with the‘localisation agenda’.

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The report contains recommendations on how to progress in this agenda and presents a holistic and transformative approach to localisation. 


Specifically, the review defines seven key dimensions, each providing a critical facet to both decentralised and transformative localisation. They are:

The quality and quantity of funding
The equity of partnerships and relationships
The participation revolution and the influence of affected populations
The visibility of local and national actors in humanitarian and public spheres
Engagement with national coordination mechanisms
Capacity building, institutional and individual
The influence of national actors on international policy

Download The Start Fund, Start Network and Localisation full report.

Download The Start Fund, Start Network and Localisation Executive Summary.

Read the Start Network Management Response to the localisation review.

Download the full review