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Start Network is working towards a decentralised model of national and regional hubs. Hubs will manage their own funds and local and national NGOs will have direct access to funds. The second programme demonstrating this way of working is Start Fund Nepal, which aims to put more support and funding in the hands of national and local responders.

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About Start Fund Nepal

Following the success of last year’s Start Fund COVID-19 response in Nepal, Start Network members are piloting a country-based contingency fund to respond rapidly to, and in anticipation of, small to medium scale crises in the country.


Funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), this member-led trial has been designed by local, national and international organisations. Members of the Start Fund Bangladesh team also supported the design based on their experience of managing a country-based pooled fund since 2017.


Six local and national organisations have been elected to the fund’s country-based governance bodies, based on their humanitarian experience, geographical coverage, capacity to participate, and existing partnerships with other members. This will help to ensure that the interests of local and national organisations are represented, and that they are able to shape the fund and take ownership of its evolution from the beginning, with a view that they will be able to access funds directly in the future. 


If you are interested in supporting Start Fund Nepal, please contact our Resource Mobilisation team: [email protected]

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