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Localized and Innovative: Bringing DRR Innovations Closer to Communities

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With support from the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN), the Center for Disaster Preparedness will work with top community innovators in the Philippines to strengthen the disaster risk reduction (DRR) innovation system in the country through the Pinnovation Academy.

The project, which is being funded by Start Network, UKAID and HIF-ELRHA, builds on the lessons of the DEPP Innovation Labs. Pinnovation Academy’s goal is to work with local innovators to develop, cultivate, test, and refine local solutions by providing resources, technical mentoring, partnership opportunities, and scaling platforms.

The Pinnovation Academy itself is an innovative approach to DRR programming. It aims to gather local innovators from different vulnerable sectors—persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, women and LGBTQI+, children and youth, farmers and fisherfolk, small entrepreneurs and social enterprises, teachers and—to lessen risks brought by local hazards in different parts of the Philippines.

Even at this early stage of the innovation process, Pinnovation recognizes the need to brainstorm about sustainability of the innovations. The Pinnovation team is also actively seeking both private and public organizations in the field of innovations and DRR they can partner with. This is in line with their goal of establishing a community of practice where innovation enthusiasts and DRR practitioners meet.

At present, Pinnovation is calling for innovative proposals and reaching out to several institutions—public and private—to make sure they get ideas from all parts of the Philippines. Above and beyond innovations will be given seed funding to test their ideas, as well as needs-based capacity development activities.

No idea is small for Pinnovation Academy. Their dedicated team of innovation specialists are giving out tailor-fit mentoring sessions for budding innovators who want to bring their ideas to life.

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  • by Rya Ducusin

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