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LEARN about Start Financing Facility

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20 October 2020


Start Network’s first virtual Assembly meeting took take place from Monday 12 to Thursday 15 October 2020, alongside our 10-year anniversary celebrations. At the Assembly, we updated members on the development progress of Start Financing Facility.

Learn more about Start Financing Facility

In 2019, the Start Network worked with over 100 stakeholders to design the future financial infrastructure for the network. The result was a design that will enable NGOs to be on the front-foot in proactively managing crises in their localities. Specifically, it will help hubs to work collectively; identify and prioritise crisis risks in advance; where possible plan and cost actions to protect communities; and access pre-positioned funding that is pooled for maximum efficiency.

LEARN how the Start Financing Facility will pool funds to protect more people at risk. Hear about what members asked for, what we have built, and what comes next before the launch of the Start Financing Facility in January.



Read more about the Start Financing Facility.



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Learn more about Start Financing Facility