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A new era of humanitarian action

Start Network is made up of more than 50 humanitarian agencies across five continents, ranging from large international organisations to national NGOs. Together, our aim is to transform humanitarian action through innovation, fast funding, early action, and locally led action.

We're tackling what we believe are the biggest systemic problems that the sector faces - problems including slow and reactive funding, centralised decision-making, and an aversion to change, which means that people affected by crises around the world, do not receive the best help fast enough, and needless suffering results.
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Locally-led action

We believe that a more balanced international aid system, which shifts power to those closest to the front-line, will generate more effective and appropriate responses for people affected by crises.

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New froms of financing

New forms of financing

Our pooled funds enable fast and early action to tackle the kind of crises that are often overlooked by other funding mechanisms. Our risk financing pilots are introducing new ways of working that can save even more lives.

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Collective innovation

New ways of working are needed to tackle the challenges we face. By innovating collectively we can share expertise, insights and perspectives to shape a more effective humanitarian system.

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An international network

Today the Start Network extends to more than 50 members and their 7000 partner organisations, employing more than a quarter of a million people across 200 countries and territories.
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Start Network Quarterly Learning Brief - Q4 (BN)

স্ার্ট ননরওয়াল্্টর ২০২১ সালের নশষ তরিমারসল্র (র্উ৪) প্রধান প্রধান রশষোগুলোর সংরষেপ্ত রিিরণ এই তরিমারস্ রশখন সারসংলষেলপ (ন্ায়ার্টাররে োরন্টং ররেফ – র্উএেরি) ত়ুলে ধরা হয়। সারা িের জ়ুলড নশয়ার ্রা রশষোসমূহ এরালত সং্রেত ্রা হয় এিং প্রেম, রবিতীয় ও তৃতীয় তরিমারসল্ (এখালন র্উ১’র্ রশখন সারসংলষেপ পড়ুন) (এখালন র্উ২’র্ রশখন সারসংলষেপ পড়ুন) (এখালন র্উ৩’র্ রশখন সারসংলষেপ পড়ুন) এরা সরিরাহ ্রা হয়।



Start Network Quarterly Learning Brief - Q4 (FR)

Cette note trimestrielle d'apprentissage (QLB) résume certains des principaux apprentissages du Start Network au cours du dernier trimestre (Q4) de 2021. Il complète l'apprentissage partagé tout au long de l'année et fourni aux T1, T2 et T3.



Start Network Quarterly Learning Brief - Q4 (ES)

Este informe de aprendizaje trimestral (QLB) resume algunos de los aprendizajes clave de la Red Start del último trimestre (Q4) de 2021. Completa el aprendizaje compartido a lo largo del año y proporcionado en el primer, segundo y tercer trimestre.



Start Network Quarterly Learning Brief - Q4 (English)

This quarterly learning brief (QLB) summarises some of Start Network’s key learning from the last quarter (Q4) of 2021. It completes the learning shared across the year and provided in Q1, Q2 and Q3.



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