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We work with governments, the private sector and charitable trusts and foundations from around the world to build the scope and reach of the Start Network.


Join the movement to help bring about crucial change to the humanitarian system and save even more lives.

Start Network

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We aim to grow the Start Network movement and to position the network as a global public good in the humanitarian system. In doing this we aim to help the Start Network achieve the reputation, participation, financial resources and scale it needs to achieve its mission.


Our focus is on generating greater scale and reach, and increasing engagement, participation and collaboration across the humanitarian system. We are working to develop partnerships across the world, raising vital funds to support the network.


We are looking for funders who want to help change the systems and enable millions of more lives to be saved worldwide.


We deliver pioneering work including pooled contingency funding, insurance-based risk financing, a global disaster risk financing infrastructure, and collaborative operations that react to forecasted risks of human suffering.


We now aim to take these to greater scale in a system that enables regional/national networks to run these approaches at the local level, tailored to their environment.


We are designing and delivering innovative responses to disasters that give more control to communities in crises, enable early action, and new ways to collaborate to deliver improved humanitarian aid.



Our donors and partners 


The development of the Start Network so far would not be possible without the generosity of our partners and funders. We are grateful for their appreciation and support.


Jersey Overseas Aid

‘Jersey may be the smallest governmental donor to the Start Fund, but we are proud to be playing an early part in its growing success. And the features that make it work for us – the expertise, reach, coordination and devolved decision-making of the Start Network – make it a welcome addition to the humanitarian landscape for stakeholders of all sizes’ Carolyn Labey, Minister for International Development, Jersey


Our donors

Our partners

Your support could help us deliver lasting impact around the world.

If you are interested in:


-        Putting local communities at the forefront of humanitarian decision making and response

-       Helping to develop new innovative funding mechanisms that respond quickly to early signs of disaster

-        Supporting crisis-affected people to develop innovative solutions to humanitarian problems


What we can offer: 


-          Dedicated support from a personal account manager

-          Tailored proposals and regular reporting and updates on the progress of the Start Network

-          Invitations to exclusive events and access to ground-breaking research publications

-          A seat at the Start Network Council – oversight of the performance of the Network, discuss strategic issues and risks




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