10 year anniversary

Start Network Change Makers

As part of Start Network’s 10-year anniversary, we celebrated change makers who have made or are making a considerable impact within their community, country, region, organisation or wider system – individuals, teams or organisations that are driving positive change within the humanitarian sector.

Start Network All Hubs Meeting 2019

Start Network Change Makers

Driving the type of systemic change that we are aiming for is a hard, long process, with challenges and even attempts that fail along the way.


We are celebrating those individuals, teams and organisations that are grappling with the challenges of systemic change in the humanitarian sector, those who are driving lasting change within their community, country, region, organisation or the wider system.


In addition to the overall Changer Makers, a number of people have received ‘Special Mentions’ for their contribution to the sector.


Sean Lowrie announces the Start Network Change Makers

Change makers

Special Mentions

Special Mention: Lasting Systemic Change

The categories



1. Faster and early action
2. Localisation
3. Collective innovation
4. Lasting systemic change
5. Impactful leader 
6. Puts people first
7. Brave
8. Operates collectively
9. Inclusive
10. Open



How the process worked

​Change Makers were found via nominations from across the network and have been chosen based on their work around 10 categories. Final Change Makers were selected by a panel of volunteers including:

  • Amadou Diallo, Start Network (Hosted by CRS, Senegal)
  • Andrew Kavala, MANEPO
  • Emma Akinlusi, Partnership Development, Peace Partners UK 
  • Erika Glanz, CADENA
  • Imelda Phadtare, Global Sustainability Institute 
  • Lizz Harrison, arche noVa - Initiative for People in Need 
  • Max Baiden, SCUK
  • Mihir Joshi, SEEDS
  • Ricardo Fal-Dutra Santos, Oxfam International
  • Rya Ducasin, CARE Philippines
  • Sajid Raihan, Start Fund Bangladesh
  • Sarah Bernolet, ALIMA
  • Seheno Andrianiaina, Start Network (Hosted by CRS, Madagascar)
  • Shaikh Maaz, HANDS
  • Veronika Bertram, KFW