10 years of Start Network driving change in humanitarian aid

Start Network was formed in 2010, then known as the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies (CBHA). In 2020 we were proud to celebrate the change our network has delivered in the past 10 years.


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Start Network Change Makers


As part of Start Network’s 10-year anniversary, we celebrated change makers who have made or are making a considerable impact within their community, country, region, organisation or wider system – individuals, teams or organisations that are driving positive change within the humanitarian sector.


Driving the type of systemic change that we are aiming for is a hard, long process, with challenges and even attempts that fail along the way.


We are celebrating those individuals, teams and organisations that are grappling with the challenges of systemic change in the humanitarian sector, those who are driving lasting change within their community, country, region, organisation or the wider system.


In addition to the overall Changer Makers, a number of people have received ‘Special Mentions’ for their contribution to the sector.


Meet the Change Makers




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2020 Assembly and 10-year anniversary



Start Network’s first virtual Assembly meeting took place from Monday 12 to Thursday 15 October 2020, alongside our 10-year anniversary celebrations.


The Assembly affords the network's members and stakeholders the unique opportunity to come together, take stock of our learning and progress, and propel us forward in our collective vision.


It has three distinct components:

  • exchanging information and exploring how we have made progress (LEARN);
  • generating solutions to strategic challenges (BUILD),
  • and the annual general meeting of the members to make key governance decisions (DECIDE).




Christina Bennett closes the Assembly




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