Pakistan Hub

The Pakistan Hub aims to create a proactive, resilient, people-centered, locally led, and innovative humanitarian ecosystem. We plan to do this by addressing emerging challenges through strengthened preparedness and predictable response to any crisis. Our initiative is jointly owned by the communities, civil society, the Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), and others. It is guided by a National Steering Committee (NSC), including international NGOs, national NGOs, and representatives of two major national humanitarian and development networks and consortiums. The Pakistan Hub is under incubation, and is looking to become registered with the Government of Pakistan as a legal body.

Pakistan hub

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While under incubation in 2020, the Pakistan Hub has delivered several major achievements:

1. We have established a fully operational disaster risk financing (DRF) system to improve disaster preparedness and anticipatory responses in Pakistan. This process was led by the National Steering Committee, who worked on the design and ensured that it is linked up with national and provincial disaster management authorities. 

2. We have demonstrated strong and consistent leadership with delegated sub-committees. In 2020 we held elections to expand the NSC – the decision-making body for the Pakistan Hub. The NSC also worked to delegate operational, administrative and coordination functions to six subcommittees and four technical working groups to ensure smooth delivery across its areas of work.

3. We have generated wider engagement with the Hub and grown its reputation. We have worked to increase the Pakistan Hub’s profile, and the success of the DRF programme has served as strong motivation in generating interest amongst local, national and international organisations to join the Hub. The Hub has also engaged external stakeholders, with formal linkages to the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum and the NDMA. In addition, the Hub regularly advocates for and participates in Hub-related issues with the National Humanitarian Network, and the national and provincial disaster management authorities.



Future plans


Over the coming year, we hope to expand the Hub membership by engaging more local members. This requires establishing formal membership criteria and due diligence process. We also plan to invest in and formalise the Hub through in-country registration and by recruiting support staff. Our long-term goal is to bring existing Start Network funding mechanisms into the Hub, as well as new financing instruments. This will provide a continuum of funding that will enable all of our members to better protect vulnerable communities at-risk and affected by crises.



The Hub leadership in Pakistan

The Pakistan Hub is led by the National Steering Committee (NSC), which consists of representatives from 4 international and 2 national Start Network members as well as representatives of two major national humanitarian and development networks/consortiums: the National Humanitarian Network (NHN) and Indus Consortium.


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