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The Pacific Humanitarian FALE is working to engage locally led humanitarian actors, to provide services that ensure that the lives of our people are safeguarded in any crisis. The name of the Hub itself is deeply rooted in the Pacific – “Humanitarian FALE” – Humanitarian Facility Aiding Locally Led Engagement. Fale is a word in the Pacific that refers to a house that is meaningful and has a purpose when it is occupied by people.

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Cross Hub Solidarity through co-creation and co-design


In 2020, Start Network supported all hubs to shape their vision and theory of change. We focused on the impact we sought to create - a rapid, quality, efficient, and inclusive humanitarian response that meets the needs of affected people through innovative, locally-led coordination. This peer learning has established a solidarity between the All Hub Family to reflect on changes that are not only necessary for our own Hub work, but also for the wider network to consider.


Influencing Start Network’s strategy

1. Chairing the Governance Design Working Group, which designed a brave vision for the future governance of Start Network.
2. Conducting policy discussions on partnership, due diligence, governance, humanitarian localisation, and more.
3. Co-leading Hub sessions during the Start Network Annual Assembly in October 2020.




Future plans


The next phase of our work will include consulting with our vast membership to validate our business case and plans, establishing a clear governance structure, and exploring engagement with a wider set of stakeholders beyond PIANGO’s membership. We will deepen our advocacy on decolonisation and champion local leadership, and look to support members across the countries and territories to further localise the Hub.




Hub leadership


PIANGO (network secretariat and hub host)

Emeline Siale Ilolahia, PIANGO

Akmal Ellyas Ali, PIANGO


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