India Humanitarian Hub

The India Humanitarian Hub (IHH) is prioritising local action and leadership by bringing together local, national and international humanitarian agencies that are operational in India. The Hub aspires to reflect on, mobilise and act in ways that have not been done before, and are beyond the scope and culture of the current humanitarian architecture. To achieve these changes, the Hub is built upon three pillars: knowledge and innovation, locally led action, and new funding and financing mechanisms.

India Hub

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Over 2020, the IHH invested in developing many of its core foundational structures. This included convening potential members through regional consultations to ensure greater participation of sub-national and local NGOs. We also worked to define the Hub’s governance structures, guiding documents and ways of working. In addition, the IHH has been shaping its knowledge and innovation work. We held a series of consultations on humanitarian innovation with members, and began drafting a proposal to bring our collective vision to life.


The IHH also supported several local and national organisations to officially join Start Network as members, and access services and resources directly. Two of those organisations used funding from the Start Fund COVID-19 sub-pot to support local communities through the pandemic. We also developed a plan for the Hub’s future, which we consolidated in an application for Hub Incubation Funds from Start Network.





Future plans


The IHH has outlined a set of important next steps. These include:
• Formally establishing the IHH by reviewing and finalising its governance structures, recruiting staff, and developing a website.

• Establishing an innovation platform and quickly rolling that out within the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other crises.

• Continuing to convene and engage members, which includes holding additional regional consultations, bringing in local members, and conducting system mapping of local response systems.

• Advocating for key issues affecting the IHH and its areas of work, such as due diligence.

• Designing a pooled fund mechanism that particularly focuses on local donors.


These activities will be supported by the successful granting of Hub Incubation Funds, selecting a fund host, and developing a Hub business development plan.






The Hub leadership in India


Moderating Team:

Anjan Bag, Caritas India

Joseph Sahayam, CASA

Vijayalakshmi Arora, Catholic Relief Services

Sudhanshu Singh, Humanitarian Aid International

Bhanu Pratap Mall, PGVS

Meghna Goyal, Save the Children 

Anshu Sharma, SEEDS



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