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The Guatemala Hub works to support cohesive communities with mutual solidarity, and to participate in and actively advocate for their rights to humanitarian preparation and response. This is grounded in a vision of holistic, integral, and harmonic connection between human beings, mother earth, the cosmos and everything that surrounds us. We have 10 members, all community-based, local or national organisations. The Asociación de Servicios Comunitarios de Salud (ASECSA) serves as our secretariat and is a member of Start Network.

Equipo Innovación y Centro Hub Guatemala, ASECSA

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This year the Guatemala Hub put a lot of energy into bringing people together, understanding each other and creating a shared vision. This began by speaking with organisations who wanted to become part of the Hub, and building a shared understanding and joint vision. We connected the members with Start Network, highlighting the value of working together to address emergencies in Guatemala, and creating alliances between local, national and international organisations. We also worked to build the structure of the Hub. ASECSA is the secretariat, and we have put in place a dedicated team of three to realise the hub’s collective vision. 

The Guatemala Hub also designed a programme to support communities in mutual solidarity – a community-led innovation partnership (CLIP) project. This project aims to create a model that values innovative solutions made by indigenous communities and connects with national networks and systems. We developed this programme in partnership with our community-based members across five regions in the country.




Future plans


Moving forward, we have a lot of plans for our Hub:
• We will launch our innovation programme by recruiting staff, working with rural and indigenous communities, and learning and reflecting as we progress.
• We will deepen engagement with our members by holding monthly meetings, developing member profiles, and establishing governance and membership systems.
• We will look at expanding our membership by exploring engagement with international NGOs, as well as academia.
• We will be an active contributor to the hub family by sharing experiences, learning from each other, and being directly engaged with Start Network.




The Hub leadership in Guatemala


Hugo Icu Peren, ASECSA

Sandra Judith Miguel Martinez, ASECSA

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